The Architecture Studio of Val Glitsch




The Architecture Studio of Val Glitsch, FAIA is dedicated to the practice of architecture as a creative endeavor, realizing its capacity to effect significant improvements in the quality of our lives and expanding the types of our experiences.  


Professional recognition has noted the work's clarity, sensitive but challenging fit within its context, responsibility to the environment, and carefully-developed spatial and perceptual sequences.




"All of my clients are different, as are all of their sites, needs and budgetary constraints. My clients do not receive preconceived solutions, opinions or architectural styles [from a different time]. An Architectural 'style,' if there is one, comes from the simplest and truest materials, straightforward and innovative methods of construction and assembly, and the conscientious conservation of natural resources.

And,… it should be beautiful." 



Val Glitsch, FAIA, LEED AP

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